Yes, that is right, we are looking for you! All of you! To share your talents, experiences, support, and passion for the New Hampshire theatre community!


It is difficult to find the right words to capture the year 2020. A global pandemic, intense social injustice, continued political polarization, and restricted social and physical interaction have impacted all our lives, and changed us forever. Like so many others, the New Hampshire theatre arts community continues to feel the devastating effects of closed doors, canceled events, lack of funding, reduced ticket sales, and loss of employment. It is pervasive, and it hurts. We will recover, but the road will be long. Some of us have persevered keeping the doors open, the limited seats filled, and in true creative fashion found new and interesting ways to keep producing art during these most difficult of times. Others are still waiting to determine the best path forward for now, holding on to hope for the future. Regardless of what path you are on as an organization or individual, there is one thing we have heard many times:


While there is still much healing to take place, there is also much to be grateful for and we want to celebrate those things.  It is time.  Time to celebrate our resiliency, our creativity, our perseverance, our survival, and our passion to create.



The New Hampshire Theatre Alliance Un-Awards Show will be streamed April 10 at 7PM. Hosted by some fantastic members of our theatre community, this event will be an engaging and celebratory night bringing our community together to honor all we have accomplished in the face of these unprecedented circumstances and start working together on our path forward. 


In order to make that happen, we need help identifying all there is to celebrate and share. Below are several ways you can participate in this event, whether you’re an NHTA participating company or not. Each provides a brief description and links to the associated WeTransfer location for sharing.



  • Ghost Light

    We all know the great origins of the tradition, and how many have adapted it during COVID-19 to indicate that while we may temporarily be closed, we will re-open soon.


    Take a picture of your ghost light or empty theatre, and upload it here to be part of the celebration: https://nhta.link/media-upload with the message “ghost light.”

  • Share Your Stuff

    Regardless of how simple or innovative it is, we want to know what you have been doing to keep the creativity flowing. Theater companies and individuals are encouraged to upload videos, photos, narratives, screenshots, etc. that show how you have adapted, adjusted, reinvented, or consumed theatre in a COVID-19 world.


    Share it here (mp4, iMovie, jpg, png, .doc, .pdf): https://nhta.link/media-upload with a description of your material and organization affiliation, if there is one.

  • In Memoriam

    If you wish to honor a member of the New Hampshire theatre community who has passed since our 2020 Awards Show, please share their information and no more than 3 images or high-quality video here: https://nhta.link/media-upload with the message “in memoriam - [name of individual], [organization affiliation(s), if applicable]”

    Submissions will be included during our “In Memoriam” presentation.

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