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Liaisons serve as the point of communication to the NHTA for their affiliated member company and to/for their Adjudicators. Therefore:

  • Each Liaison must have attended the most recent round of NHTA adjudication training to be eligible as a Liaison. NOTE: training from another Liaison or Adjudicator does not qualify.

  • Liaisons are expected to have access to an Internet-connected computer in order to access the NHTA adjudication website to input all pertinent information regarding their member company.

  • Liaisons are expected to have a valid email address that they actively review.


Regarding their member companies, Liaisons are expected to:

  • Submit and maintain accurate production information: due no less than 60 days prior to production opening

  • Submit and maintain accurate nomination information: due no less than 2 days prior to production opening

  • Maintain all adjudication website information regarding their member company (e.g. email contacts, company name and address, venue info, adjudicator names and status (primary or back-up)

  • Maintain accurate member company information (website address, email address, mailing address, other contact information)

  • Maintain open and up-to-date communication with the NHTA in a timely manner (e.g. production cancellations, Adjudicator resignations, changes in the status of the member company or an Adjudicator, etc.)


Liaisons responsibilities regarding Adjudicators fall into two categories:

1) responsibilities regarding their own Adjudicators

2) responsibilities regarding other companies’ Adjudicators attending their member company's production(s)


Regarding their own Adjudicators, Liaisons are expected to:

  • Ensure that their Adjudicators attend required adjudication training

  • Ensure that their Adjudicators confirm assignments on the NHTA adjudication website

  • Ensure that their Adjudicators confirm attendance with the producing member company

  • Ensure that their Adjudicators submit their ballots in a timely manner

  • Review Adjudicator ballots for quality and compliance

  • Provide assistance to Adjudicators in finding an internal replacement Adjudicator for any "reassignment requests"

  • Report any/all problems to the NHTA (e.g. late ballots, non-attendance, etc.)


Regarding other Adjudicators attending their member company's production(s), Liaisons are expected to:

  • Confirm that attending Adjudicators have made reservations to attend

  • Provide names and contact information of assigned Adjudicators to their box office (or other designated person present at your production) so the attending Adjudicators' names can be checked off the list upon arrival at your production and receive their free admission

  • Confirm dates that assigned Adjudicators attended their member company's production(s) and update the NHTA adjudication website with those dates

  • Report any/all problems to the NHTA (e.g. non-attendance, appearing to deviate or abuse the Adjudicator Code of Conduct, etc.)



Following the NH Theatre Awards each year, adjudication comments are released to interested member companies.

  • ​​​Each company can only access comments specific to its own production(s). No company has access to the comments of any other company's production(s). Only Liaisons can access Adjudicator comments for their adjudicated productions.

  • Liaisons will make no attempt to try to contact any Adjudicator to discuss comments, even if those comments may suggest that the Adjudicator wants a dialogue.

  • Individuals other than Liaisons may not petition the NHTA to have comments distributed to them. If there is any doubt as to the veracity of the identity of any Liaison requesting access to comments, the NHTA will deny access until the company has been contacted and the identity of their Liaison has been confirmed.

  • Comments are viewable by production.

  • Comments can be emailed to the Liaison by selecting the"Email To Me" button on the NHTA adjudication website.

  • The NHTA leaves the dissemination of comments at the discretion of each member company's Liaison.

  • Each company must make their own determination on the confidentiality and distribution of their comments. The NHTA will not be held responsible for the dispersal of this information once it has been released to the individual company's Liaisons.

  • Scores and names of Adjudicators are omitted from comments to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the adjudication process. Scores and adjudicator names will not ever be revealed.

The NHTA relies upon feedback from its participating companies in order to improve upon its training for Adjudicators. While Adjudicator comments (and scores) are final, the NHTA welcomes your comments and questions relative to the release of the comments.

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