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Candidates for the Francis Grover Cleveland Lifetime Achievement Award will be chosen based upon the quality, scope, and consistency of their positive influence upon theatre in the state. This is an award for a lifetime of service, though it does not imply that the person's contributions have ended or declined.


The award was named for the founder of The Barnstormers Summer Theatre, the nation's oldest summer stock theatre company, still operating in Tamworth.


Nominations should include sufficient supporting documentation that the committee has a basis for consideration on the nominee.


Some factors the Board of Directors takes into consideration:

  • ​How has this person affected theatre as a whole?

  • What is the extent of their impact on theatre in NH?

  • How long has this person been making an impact on the theatre community in NH? 

  • Have their contributions made a lasting impact on theatre in NH?


Nominate a candidate for the 2020 Francis Grover Cleveland Lifetime Achievement Award here! Nominations will be accepted through August 23, 2019.

This award was inspired by Matty Gregg, a New Hampshire Magazine employee whose zeal and energy was the necessary ingredient to make the first New Hampshire Theatre Awards competition and awards night a success.

Candidates for the "Matty" Award for Vision & Tenacity will have demonstrated both the creativity to see the potential for a concept or project in the field of performing arts and will have advanced its development to the point that it is functional and has the resources required for sustainability.


Possible projects might include but are not limited to:


  • The founding and successful running of a theater company

  • Development or rehabilitation of a physical performance space

  • Development of new styles of performance, dance, vocality or stagecraft (lighting, sound, set design, costuming)

  • Projects which meet a community need or become a voice for an underserved community (eg. theater for the disabled, blind or deaf)

  • Theater education programs


Nominate a candidate for the 2020 Matty Award for Vision & Tenacity here! Nominations will be accepted through August 23, 2019.

Formally the Children's & Youth Theatre Award, the Recognition of Special Achievement in Youth Theatre highlights an individual who has made a noteworthy impact on the youth theatre scene in NH.


Candidates for the award should be leaders who have made significant contributions to the inspiration, involvement, growth, and achievement of young theatrical artists.


This is an award for a person, not a company, though often the two are indistinguishable from the point of view of the community in which they operate. It's also possible that the best candidate has no one organization to his or her credit and is still viewed as an inspirational or transformative leader.


Nominate a candidate for the 2020 Recognition of Special Achievement in Youth Theatre Award here! Nominations will be accepted through August 23, 2019.

In order to recognize all of the special, unsung people who make theatre "happen" but are ineligible for the standard adjudicated awards, the NHTA has implemented the "Theatre Hero" Award.

Participating NHTA theatre companies select one of their own whom they deem deserving of acknowledgment for their contributions to the company and theatre at large. Individual companies can use whatever criteria and selection process they deem appropriate for selecting their submission for receipt of this recognition.

This is not a nomination process, nor is this adjudicated by the NHTA. ALL submissions (maximum of 1 per company per season) will be recognized during the NH Theatre Awards ceremony.


Reach out to your liaison to weigh in on your company's 2020 Theatre Hero.

Recognition of Excellence in Playwriting replaced the Best Original Playwright Award. 

This award was created to acknowledge select playwrights who deserve recognition for exceptional work.

A committee commissioned by the NHTA is tasked with reading and assessing all eligible submissions.  The committee can choose to recognize as few or as many original playwrights as it deems worthy in a given season.

Only scripts of plays submitted for adjudication in the award season will be considered and reviewed.


To be eligible, the producing company must provide a PDF file of the script and a CD or other recording of the music (if applicable) to the NH Theatre Alliance prior to opening night of the production up for adjudication.


This award was introduced in 2017 to honor the memory of Kevin Riley.


Candidates for this award should be members of the greater New Hampshire arts community who have made significant contributions to strengthen the performing arts in New Hampshire. 


This award is focused on individuals who have helped build the State's performing arts community outside of any one particular theatre company.


Nominate a candidate for the 2020 Kevin Riley NH Theatre Hero Award here! Nominations will be accepted through August 23, 2019.

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