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The NH Theatre Awards Night is a gala event held each year at the end of January or early February to celebrate the best that  New Hampshire theatre has to offer!  Awards are presented in all the major categories. It is an event not to be missed!


Since 2002, the NH Theatre Awards have showcased the state's remarkable achievements and exceptional talent in locally produced theatre.


We continue to encourage, stimulate, and recognize creative excellence and exceptional dedication among the players, producers, writers, directors, and technicians who bring theatrical magic to the small stages of the Granite State.


Each participating company provides people to serve as a Liaison and Adjudicator(s). These adjudicators are trained by the New Hampshire Theatre Alliance staff during annual training sessions held throughout the year.


On December 15th, the submission of ballots for the current year closes, and the process begins to tabulate the winners!


The program affords participating companies to be recognized for excellence and accordingly awarded by their peers in New Hampshire theatre.


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