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NH Theatre Awards Adjudicators play a vital role in assessing member company productions up for nomination at the NH Theatre Awards.




To be an Adjudicator for the NH Theatre Awards, an individual:

  • Must be 18 or older

  • Must have a minimum of two (2) years of theatrical experience

  • Must be submitted and vouched for by a participating member company  OR 

  • Persons not connected with a specific company who have served one year or more as an adjudicator for an affiliated company in a prior year

  • May only serve one (1) member company

  • Must attend an annual NH Theatre Awards adjudicator training (unless exempted by NHTA ballot proctoring team)


NOTE: Members of the NHTA Board of Directors are ineligible to serve as Adjudicators.


Expectations for ALL Adjudicators are:

  • Attend annual adjudicator training per the current NHTA required schedule

  • Abide by the Adjudicator Code of Conduct

  • Have access to an Internet-connected computer for NHTA adjudication website access to input ballots & enter in expected attendance dates

  • Have a valid email address that is actively reviewed

  • Submit and maintain accurate contact information for themselves on the NHTA adjudication website

  • Have the ability to travel to theatre venues ANYWHERE in the state of New Hampshire

  • Upon receipt of an assignment, confirm their attendance date via email or phone with the producing theatre company’s Liaison no later than 7 days prior to the production’s open date. After the confirmation is done, this date must be entered into the NHTA Website.

  • Submit completed ballots via the NHTA Adjudication website within 30 days of the closing date of the production




Primary Adjudicators are expected to attend, adjudicate, and score up to six (6) productions per year. They are directly assigned productions for adjudication, by random selection, through NHTA administrators. In addition, Primary Adjudicators may volunteer for available assignments that arise from Primary Adjudicator "reassignment requests," provided that their total number of assignments for the year does not exceed eight (8). Notices of available assignments are emailed to ALL Adjudicators.




Back-up Adjudicators may or may not be affiliated with a specific theatre company. Back-up Adjudicators will not be directly assigned to adjudicate in the regular roster. Instead, Back-up Adjudicators may be given adjudication assignments by volunteering for available assignments that arise from Primary Adjudicator "reassignment requests," provided their total number of assignments for the year does not exceed eight (8). Notices of available assignments are emailed to ALL adjudicators. Back-up Adjudicators are not guaranteed an adjudication assignment. Back-up Adjudicators may voluntarily advance to Primary Adjudicator status in the event their affiliated company loses one of their Primary Adjudicators at any time during the NHTA season.


Unaffiliated Adjudicators are Back-Up Adjudicators who are not affiliated with a specific theatre company, and are therefore bound by the same expectations as Back-Up Adjudicators. Unaffiliated Adjudicators may voluntarily affiliate with any participating theatre company at any time during the NHTA season. Once affiliated, they may not return to "unaffiliated" status until the next NHTA season.




The following Adjudicator guidelines are to be adhered to at all times. Please contact the NHTA with any questions about these Adjudicator expectations.


  1. Make your reservation as soon as possible, and attend that specific performance. The producing member company needs to know when you're coming so they can hold your seat and sell others.

  2. When making your reservation, determine when the venue doors open and the producing member company's policy on seating late arrivals. Don't assume that you will be turned away if you are late; they are expecting you.

  3. Be prepared for your assignment. Bring any materials you need, including clear and concise directions to the venue and the list of names of performers and/or categories to be adjudicated. All of this information is available to Adjudicators on the adjudication website.

  4. Arrive early enough to check in with the producing member company (house manager, box office) to let them know you are there to adjudicate, obtain your ticket, and locate your seat. If tickets are not required for the production, be sure to check in with a fully qualified theatre company representative.

  5. At all times, be courteous and respectful of the audience, the performers, and the host theatre. Don't allow the execution of your duties as an Adjudicator to create any distractions around you.

  6. See the entire show, from curtain up to curtain down. If, for any reason, you must leave the theatre prior to the completion of your assignment, you must notify a person connected to the producing member company AND your own Liaison within 24 hours.


Other guidelines are:

  • Should you wish to take notes, please be discreet.

  • Refrain from using any device that makes noise or produces light.

  • Remain in your assigned seat.

  • Observe the host company's policies on food and drink.

  • Silence any personal communication devices.

  • Minimize conversations and/or comments immediately following the performance. Should you find this unavoidable, please be discreet in your remarks: "I'm sorry, but I can't discuss that with you right now" is a perfectly valid reply if you are approached.

  • Remarks and comments regarding your opinion on any aspect of the performance should be STRICTLY avoided. Posts and forum conversations on all forms of social media are prohibited. This holds true for the entire season.


Failure of an Adjudicator to conduct themselves by any of these guidelines may result in a penalty to them and/or the company they represent. This includes removal from adjudication duties, which may render the member company an Adjudicator represents ineligible for the NHTA calendar year.

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